The Good Widow – Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

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A woman’s world is turned upside down when her husband is killed in a car crash with his girlfriend in Maui, when he was supposed to be on a business trip in Kansas.

This is one of those psychological thrillers of the ‘girl’ variety, told in first person present tense. You know the ones – something happens and the woman finds herself realising the world she thought she knew was actually all a lie, or something along those lines. Done well, these books make for riveting reading. You can’t put them down, and you get to the end thinking ‘I should have seen that coming, but I didn’t’. This was one such book. Is it the best book ever written? Nope. Did it hold my interest and keep me guessing? Yep. Did it make me want to read just one more chapter before turning out the light? You bet. If you like the ‘domestic noir’ genre, The Good Widow is a great little read.


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