Bombproof – Michael Robotham


Just out of prison after serving time for a crime he didn't commit, a guy finds himself constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time in an effort to save his sister from a bunch of drug-pushing gangsters.

I love Michael Robotham, he's one of my favourite Aussie authors (I know the cover says he's British, but he's not. He's an Aussie who writes thrillers set in Britain). If Bombproof was a movie, it'd be classified as action/comedy. Sami Macbeth gets himself into and out of all sorts of places and situations, all in the name of saving his sister. He's both the luckiest and the unluckiest guy on the planet. It's fast-paced, it only took me so long to finish because I stopped and read something else in between (I'm weird like that). I'll read anything Michael Robotham writes. This is one of his less serious, more fun efforts, and I loved it.


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