Rafferty's Rules – W. Glenn Duncan


A private investigator with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and wisecracking his way out of trouble, shows that deep down he’s a big softy.

Okay, so that doesn’t explain the plot terribly well, but the plot is secondary in this new series I’m reading. It’s all about character, and Rafferty has plenty of it. This is an action-packed, hard-boiled thriller, and once I got past a little sexism (it was written in the eighties, after all) and realised Rafferty really was one of the nice guys, I loved it. I’m already halfway through book two.

Interesting side note about the series: the first six books were written by W. Glenn Duncan Senior, and have been re-released by his son, Bill Duncan. Bill is now continuing Rafferty’s story, with his first (book seven in the series) due out in July. What a great story!


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