The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair – Joël Dicker

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A writer stuck for inspiration for his second novel finds it in the mysterious circumstances involving his mentor and a fifteen-year-old-girl, who disappeared thirty-three years ago.

I got this book for Christmas, at which point I was four episodes into the TV series, so my dilemma was obvious: Do I keep watching first, or dive into the book? If I get involved in the book, do I finish it before the series? It was quite the conundrum, made more complicated by the fact I was watching it with my partner so I could only keep watching when he was available. What to do? 

If you’ve come to know me at all by now you’ll know I read the book, of course. And I very much enjoyed it. It’s a long read, over 600 pages, but I knocked most of it off in a few days. It nearly lost me towards the end, but got me back by pulling out a nice twist. It’s got some terrible reviews on Amazon, and it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. The story is not terribly realistic. But I kept reading well into the night so it definitely entertained me, which is really the biggest thing I ask of a book.

The TV series is following the book quite closely (so far as I know, we’re still only four episodes in), although as usual some stuff is cut or re-arranged for brevity and effect. But mostly it’s a true representation of the book, and now I’m really looking forward to the final six episodes. Plus, Patrick Dempsey. I feel a binge-watching session coming on!


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