Goodwood – Holly Throsby

The everyday happenings in a small town are disrupted by the disappearances of two locals who couldn’t be more different.

The thing I love most about writers’ festivals is the discovery of new authors you would never have looked at otherwise. Holly Throsby is one such author for me. She was on a panel at the Newcastle Writers’ Festival with a couple of other authors, and to be honest I was there for the topic and the other writers. I had no idea who Holly was. But she lit up the panel, and I figured if she writes half as good as she speaks I need to read her books.

She writes even better than she speaks, if that’s possible, so I am thrilled to have found this new author. Her books are not traditional crime, rather they are about small communities and people and what happens when their lives are disrupted. Goodwood was a masterful character study, with a bit of a mystery thrown in, and I loved it.


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